POS Mission-Critical

Triad understands the importance of having Point of Sale Solution that works for you!  Triad has spends time every year researching and talking to software developers, and each year we find that Soft Touch is one of the industry’s most reliable!  Triad and Soft Touch POS are committed to combining innovation and common-sense that will deliver a Point of Sale Management System right to your business.

Soft Touch Management offers a wide variety of usable functions such as Alert and Automatic Notifications, Employee Scheduling, Cash Management, Advanced Tip Sharing, Mobile Dashboard & Reporting as well as Track Employee Contest.

A quick snap shot of other Soft Touch POS features are Customer Facing, Customer Experience, System Modes, Delivery and so much more.  For additional information email us at info@triadpos.com or give Craig a call at 405.834.8848.

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